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What's a Beastie?

gallery01In the late 1960’s Beasties were born from the hands of creator Dennis Pearson.  Beasties are unique creatures that were established in Wisconsin and slowly made their way across America and the world. They have traveled to places including Belgium, Israel, New Zealand and Mexico.  Their charm is universal, and so are the smiles they bring from children to grandparents.

Beastie designer Dennis Pearson was born on November 3, 1939 in Madison, Wisconsin. Pearson graduated from Madison West High School and later attended Milwaukee's Layton School of Art , now known as the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design or MIAD today. There he focused on painting and printmaking, eventually earning his degree in Fine Arts in 1962.

As a student, he won first prize for painting in the Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors competition. He continued his education at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  

While in college, Pearson had one particular image that he consistently drew.  He made many drawings of his unique, make-believe animals. He slowly developed this animal, experimenting the shape in different mediums including oil and water color paintings and eventually created a 3-D papier-mâché sculpture. With the help of Pearson's brother, who had a shop to repair Corvettes with fiberglass, the first beastie had been born. Pearson covered his papier-mâché creation in fiberglass, designing a durable and lightweight, loveable animal. He displayed his artwork at venues around Milwaukee, including the Milwaukee Art Museum's Lakefront Festival of the Arts. The Beastie's popularity grew and the rest is history.

Beasties come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Art lovers, both young and old, enjoy having the company of Beasties in their home. Pearson currently resides in New Zealand.


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The Beastie Collection

All beasties are signed by the artist Dennis Pearson. 
With proper care, the large beasties can be placed outside.
Prices subject to change.

Beasties make GREAT gifts, for any occasion!

7 feet ta  7 foot tall
doc Doc Severson
DSC05922 Mosaic
flat back Red flat back
nine inch 9" Red or Blue
2 - 2.5" tall

Turkeys, Original Chalk Drawing

17 x 20 inches, 1972 

Green Valley, Oil Painting 
17 x 21 inches, 1965








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7 feet ta

The Beastie Collection of
Dennis Pearson

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