Wedding Dress with Raw-edge Wool Cardigan

Sweater Wedding Dress Styles by Delphine Manivet

Hi ladies,,, Living in four-season country is certainly not a problem for your wedding plan, even it is for the next fall winter season. You still can have an elegant look with the right choice of wedding dress styles that suit the season. You might never imagine wearing two-piece dress that comes in contemporary and even rather casual look. Take […]

A-line Wedding Dress with 3-tier Bottom

Sleeveless Wedding Dress Design with Tiered Bottom

Choosing a wedding gown for the most special day in your life is certainly not that simple, right? You need a gown, which is not simply beautiful to look, but also one that fits your body shape. To define your waistline, sleeveless wedding dress with flare bottom is the right choice, as the gown defines a line between the upper […]

Jessica Simpson wedding inspired dress from Carolina Herrera

Inspiring Jessica Simpson Wedding Dress to Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson wedding to Eric Johnson, which was held last year, has awakened many fashion designers on the glamorous wedding dress that she wore. Jessica Simpson wedding dress was a glamorous lace ball gown in golden color. It provided a perfect blend with her blonde hair. Inspired by her wedding gown to Eric Johnson, many world fashion designers have created […]

Blush Pink Muslim Wedding Dress Irna La Perle

The Look of Muslim Wedding Gown by Irna La Perle

For a hijab-style wedding, you certainly need a different preparation, particularly when it comes to the wedding gown. You need to make sure that the gown is not contradictory to the Islam teaching. One of popular designers for Muslim wedding dresses in Indonesia is Irna Mutiara, who offers her collection under the brand name Irna La Perle. If you want […]

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Wonderful Place of Wedding Venues in Fort Worth for Best Party Ever

Wedding Venues In Fort Worth – many people want to have wonderful place to celebrate their wedding party. However, the resort is not the only place that can be used as a wedding venue. If a wedding is actually small, and you have a large house, you can continue to receive at home. At present, there are many options that […]

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The Greatest Design Quartz Wedding Rings Ever

Quartz wedding rings – Many countries and cultures use wedding rings as part of their wedding ceremonies. The wedding ceremony varies from country to country, but many places use wedding rings as part of a wedding ceremony. Here we will see some wedding traditions from several countries. The finger where the wedding ring is worn varies from country to country. […]

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Beautiful Thin Blue Line Wedding Band Sets

Thin blue line wedding band – Wedding ring is a ring that is in use by people who want to get married. This ring has the characteristics of simple, simple, plain and size is different from the ring for the party has a large model and is equipped by many gems next to it. A good ring is a ring […]

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The Greatest Charleston Sc Wedding Venues

Charleston Sc Wedding Venues- Planning for a wedding is a daunting task no matter how you look at it. When looking at a wedding venue in Charleston SC, it has become an increasingly difficult task in terms of fun as many beautiful homes, historic farms and a sunny beach call. There are some sites which is good enough to choose […]